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We prepared an amazing line-up of digital marketers & brand experts from various industries.

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Our mission is to educate people. This conference is made by marketers for marketers and business owners. We want to have a digital space where people can meet, learn and tell their stories along with sharing their knowledge from the feild of digital marketing.


Our vision is to create a community that supports everyone from junuors to experts in their goals by sharing eachother experiences. DTC is a place of continued learning and growth.

Why Attend

Take a look at why we organize the Hospitality Asset Forum and why you should attend!

Brilliant speakers

Our speakers are experienced investors willing to share and let you in on their little secrets that lead to big successes.

connect and network

Connect with European hospitality experts and leaders.

continued learning

All lectures and sessions are held online and you can access them from anywhere and anytime after the confernce is finished.

develop new skills

Learn about how you can provide a better customer experience. Our experts will teach you how to dramatically improve your online presence with new tools and old tools with a new twist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are additional lectures included in the price?

Additional lectures are only insluded in the standard and premium ticket. Not in the one day ticket. You can go through our whole offer on our website.

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Will I be able to get refunds?

To get a refund you will need to contact us by email. Once you do that we will make sure to contact you and discuss the possibilities regarding the refund and solve it as soon as possible.

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Where do I register?

You can check our tickets page and buy a ticket for whole event, one day ticke, or our premium pack ticket. After that you will recieve a link to your email with access to the conference.

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How can I apply?

You can register by email to get notified. You can apply to be a part of our conference by purchasing a ticket. You can do that directly through our website and have a guaranteed seat at the place of holding.

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